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Elisa is an engaging global public speaker on key questions of how managers can drive organizations to capture and sustain leading innovation strategic positions. She also specializes in strategic competitiveness, defining value propositions of the firm, and design of effective business portfolios. Elisa’s expertise spans life sciences, telecommunications, and private equity, including the management of different players in innovation ecosystems and government-led innovation initiatives.

Feature: Panelist at the Financial Times Future of Business Education:

Spotlight on Master’s Programmes to discuss AI, Green Tech & Web 3.0 - Embracing the Tech Trends that are Transforming Business

Elisa speaking

Areas of specialization

  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Accelerators, incubators and innovation ecosystems
  • Platform strategies
  • Startup strategies and open innovation
  • Technological change and strategic renewal
  • Corporate strategy and strategic growth
  • Global strategy and multinational management
  • Competitive strategy
  • Market analysis and entry
  • Institutional environments